I finally turned 50 this year! I used to wonder what that might feel like…I can tell you now – it feels GREAT. I am filled with gratitude for this wonderful life, full of blissful and painful moments. While I am yet to see all the continents, I am fortunate I have had a chance to live in the east and west. I spent the first quarter of my life in Malaysia and India and the next quarter in Canada. In 2015, I went back to India and lived and worked there. I have a new appreciation for my roots. Having my two teen boys with me made it extra special…I got to see my world with my own eyes, and theirs. Coming back to Canada (beautiful British Columbia) in 2017, made me realize how special this place is and how deeply I am connected to it too. So, at 50, what has my life taught me? Many important lessons, but here’s a short list:

  • Don’t complicate life, keep it simple

  • Don’t forget to forgive and move on
  • When in doubt, be kind
  • Find or create work you love doing
  • Be prepared to learn from everyone, especially children
  • Important words – thank you, love you, please, sorry, awesome
  • Don’t miss any opportunity to travel and have new experiences
  • Talk to strangers, they could be friends after the first hello
  • Dare to love deeply and unconditionally¬†
  • Live in the moment and always, choose to be happy










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