Thanking a python

the chickens were missing

they could not be found

we wondered whether

they were eaten by a hound

my daddy asked me not to worry

my mummy asked me to go to sleep

in the morning

i was like little bo-peep

into the dark shed

i decided to go

in the corner

i saw two beads glow

i ran to tell my tale

wanting the brilliant beads i had seen

my mummy turned pale

knowing what could have been

into a big sack

went the green and black python

tired and slow

after the chicken eating marathon

oh my gosh

it could have been little me

i am alive

fifty summers old and free


note: when i was four my chickens got eaten by a python in malaysia…i went looking for them and saw two shining beads in my backyard shed…soon the phython was captured and taken away…46 years later, i can remember that morning vividly…















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