i wish i could fly with dragonflies

across gray skies

to far away lands

with tender coconuts and crimson sands

where the warm breeze

stops to kiss the monsoon draped streets

where paper kites touch the blue skies

do you like the glass bangles and kajal in my eyes?



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5 thoughts on “Kajal

      1. My pleasure, Sobhana (hope I’ve got your name right, I apologize if I haven’t). Sorry to hear that you were unsettled, but one good outcome was this wonderful poem.

        Although there’s some famous poetry from very calm and tranquil Buddhists, I can’t write poetry like that. I need to feel something, and often it’s the opposite of calm.


      2. I am no expert, but I know Thich Nhat Hanh because I do some meditation with a group that follows his teachings, and I have a book of his poetry. And the famous Basho, who was a Zen Buddhist (and a bit of a mystery).

        As you probably guessed, I was pronouncing your name wrongly in my head, it’s a beautiful name. 🙂

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