soap-bubbles-412420__480.jpgthey say love is in the air

and betrayal?

the kind that does not hide

but stands right beside

the one who holds you

takes time to know you

wipes away your unseen tears

uproots your unknown fears

sheds tear after tear when yours refuse to fall

hear your silent call

year after year day and night

ready to be with you fight your fight

they say love is in the air

and betrayal?

i know it does not have the heavenly fragrance of a winter night

where warm apple cider warms our hearts and makes us blissfully light

nor does it have the exotic fragrance of a dark summer night

when white jasmine flowers blossom among vines entangling in a playful fight

i tell you betrayal is like a blanket that wraps you up when you are warm

and slides away when you are cold and in the way of harm

hear me when i say it stands with you when you are being embraced

and walks away when you are left alone cleaning up the dusty statue of the disgraced

when love is in the air

i say dare to dream again and dare to care

hug your angst real tight one last time and then forever let it go

for life is more than maya and much more than you and i will ever know


Photo Credit: pixabay.com

2 thoughts on “Māyā

  1. A thought-provoking piece, Sobhana, what we crave, what we leave, and moving on. Those beautiful images of the night remind me that the past is the past, and the unknown future is waiting, and, however it may be, it will be different.🙂

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