beautiful mystery



every drop of water that rests

and decides to fall

has a lesson

to teach us all

that beginning

often follow an end

the life full of serendipities

stranger becomes friend

reads between the lines

remains silent

calms angst

shifts the gaze from the violence


the drop of water eventually falls

upon the thirsty earth breaking apart

always believe and never give up

i whisper to my heart

some beginnings

don’t seem to have a start

they simply exist

somewhere deep within the heart

free and fearless

devoid of judgement and scrutiny

until end of eternity

a beautiful mystery

2 thoughts on “beautiful mystery

  1. An intriguing and thoughtful piece, Sobhana, with the allusion to the droplet, where the initial change before falling may be very gradual, and later appears to happen suddenly. At critical moments, I think we decide instinctively, but otherwise, if I look at myself, it seems that quite a range of events in life have an influence, and eventually all those influences add up to some decision. Very much enjoyed the poem.


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