i go back

in time

wrap myself

in warm memories of a life time

see clay lamps

burning bright

during the

festival of light

night glows

sparkles everywhere

little gifts and big hugs

for the one you care

streets full of happy people

looking for presents

another cup of kheer

no one resents

time to light clay lamps

erase all fear

time to celebrate

it is that time of the year


happy diwali…happy deepavali…


Photo: msvitriphotos

2 thoughts on “Diwali

  1. A beautiful warmly lit piece, Sobhana. 🕯 It is one of the benefits of annual festivals celebrated since childhood that they allow us to travel backwards through time in the sequence, and recall earlier joyous moments. For me, this is Christmas, although I am no longer a Christian.

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    1. So true, Steve…for me it is Christmas and many Indian festivals that I choose to celebrate in a non-religious way. Travelling back can sometimes warm our hearts…


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