when i am bold


the loud noises make me quiet
i choose to hear
just your breathing
when you are anywhere but near
what’s a continent
or two
cherry blossoms grow
for me and you
in lands
far from their home
i can’t wait
to simply roam
indulge in learning
decipher strife
search for the many versions of truth
love and life
in your silence
i hear ancient stories untold
i will reach out one day
when i am bold
i close my eyes
taste the jasmine tea
dare to think about you
and me

2 thoughts on “when i am bold

  1. A wistful, dreamy piece. I remember when I was young, only knowing a very isolationist Australia, other lands were enigmas. When I went to Brazil, my mother told me to watch out for piranhas. In some ways I think mysteries can hold our dreams. If you go back a few centuries, faraway lands were the homes of fabulous creatures. A lot of that is lost in the connected world, the planet that we’re busy destroying.


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