rainy reminiscence


Canva - Selective Focus Photo of Obalte Green-leafed Plants during Rain.jpg

the earth shakes

and intense rain falls

beautiful whales are no more

while ribbons are cut to open new malls

misty eyes

isolation everywhere

so much ignorance and fear

people scared to say they care

for the one who is different

comes from another place

part of humanity

coded as another race

small children play

in a big park

babies wake up

to the song of the lark

the man sees the macaroons

remembers that his wife once loved them

his eyes say the story

In his heart he still holds her memory like a precious gem

i walk

for a very long time

indulge in reminiscence

think about this life of mine

i close my eyes grateful for the day

in my dream the night sky gifts me a snowflake

the rain stops to fall

the earth stops to shake


Photo by Brendan Humphreys from Pexels

3 thoughts on “rainy reminiscence

  1. A beautiful and wistful piece, Sobhana. Its elements bring to mind the places we turn to when we seek solace. It reminds me how hard it is to continually face the world that we, somehow, all of us, are creating. In dreams, in memories, through seeing the innocent joys of children (if we cannot empathize, then what is left?), I think we find the comfort that we all need.


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