embers and fire


Photo by Nathan Lindahl on Unsplash


frosty gardens
decorated with many a festive light
the black starry skies
such a wondrous sight
exchange gifts
convey new year greetings
make new promises
for more coffee meetings
comment on the new designs
travel infused holiday glow
choose to go
with the flow
wondering how to get to the other side
need one glimpse a chance to say hi
as the new year dawns
sit on the beach and sip cardamon chai
talk about this and that
be silent as we hold hands
watch life slip by
like turquoise waters kissing the white sands
to love
is to let go
but can it also be
to ask for a little more
i take one step forward
you gently push me back
to where I want to go
need a heart and no map
for what we sometimes want and imagine
can be more than a fleeting desire
some lives are connected
like embers and fire
i think about our lives
across the miles sweet mysterious ties
i choose to sleep like a content child
while the moon plays with the starry skies



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