the festive globes

remind me

it is high time

they come off my mini Christmas tree

i love the lights

the festive bublé melodies

they make me happy

wipe away those maladies

and i love the warm apple cider

with an old-fashioned strawberry shortcake

to sleep on a hammock under the stars

and wait for the kiss of a snowflake

3 thoughts on “snowflake

  1. Pleasant thoughts, Sobhana, and I’m sure it’s a delightful experience to await snowflakes. I see snow very rarely, so I remember when I do. Once in winter in Sapporo I visited hot baths on top of a city building. I must’ve been lucky, because I could see the stars and watch swirls of snowflakes dissolve as they met the steam rising from the water.

    Here it’s a burning hot summer and, as you can imagine, Australians don’t associate Christmas with snow. I have what is called Christmas bush here (because of the time it flowers) in vases and it’s definitely due to go…

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