summer rain


the fragrance of tulsi 

overpowers these senses of mine

i close my eyes

slow time

the warm summer rain

kisses my face

as i stare at the gray and crimson skies

in a dizzy daze

i close my eyes

i hear the thunder

i open my eyes

where you are i wonder

i am here

ready to play 

the hide and seek game

your special way

catch a glimpse

of your pensive suntanned face

nothing is revealed

in your gaze

the cold mango nectar with a dash of cardamon

warms my heart and quenches my summer thirst

with you by my side

i never feel accursed

never together by choice

best to accept it is time to leave

time to say good-bye and carry on with our lives

be brave never deceive

regret not

the choices of yesterday

until next time stay well my friend

may peace be yours each day

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