where did the years go?



where did the years go

my little ones

if only we could go back in time

just once

when i looked into your eyes

and you played with my strands

when i touched your little fingers

and you grabbed my hands

when i kissed your cheeks

and you made many a baby sound

when over the years

we made many trips to the lost and found

when we played on the grass

and combed the beach for shells

when we threw pennies

into wishing wells

when we watched the fire glow

on a winter night

when we caught shadows

in candlelight

when we watched cartoons

and screamed at creatures imaginary

when you hugged me

and asked for another story

when we said i love you

over and over again

when we watched butterflies

and rainbows after the rain

and today…you drove me in your yellow car

got me my favourite ice cream cone and flowers

i count my many blessings

and happy hours



PS: Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

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