i hear

in the lands of milk and honey

there will soon be 

a different kind of money

defi will defy

wealth will trickle

no change

without ripple

i listen to the friday morning jazz

sip my tea

in the search for someone

wonder if I will ever lose me

i polish the nickle 

and the dime

look around and realize

nothing is really mine

i close my eyes

tea is cold

the sun’s warm embrace

a gift better than gold

as the forests burn

and the skies turns gray

may I always remember what matters

…the gift of today

Photo by Aidana Khabdesh on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “today

  1. A thought-provoking piece, Sobhana, with a lot of wisdom. As you wrote, what we really have is the present moment, although we can chase after so much.

    When a pleasant memory from the past comes to mind, I find that, most often, it arose from a coincidental set of circumstances, unplanned. So yes, we have to be open to that.

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    1. Thanks, Steve, you are so right – it is all about being open…Unlike in my childhood and early adulthood, I find I have to try hard to focus on the present…it is right in front of me and I am trying to see the past and future instead…

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