blue rain

there is a place

in me

where time stands still

where i breathe pure stillness and feel free

eyes closed

i clearly see

in all the world

the one place to be

the face of the only one

with whom my life is complete

the one who understands my language of silence

never a need to repeat

i go there

time and time again

to that special place of stillness

where my parched heart is touched by the gentle blue rain

Photo by natsuki on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “blue rain

  1. Your poem is the breath of that beautiful serene place, Sobhana, always a pleasure to read your work. I’ve started meditating again, only fifteen minutes a day, but I’m hoping it will help when I’m being pulled in many directions at once.


  2. Thank you, Steve, very kind. Yes, being pulled in many directions is an eternal problem and I find the few minutes of meditation daily is key to feeling grounded. The “still place” is always elusive!


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