all that really matters

Photo: Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan, British Columbia

where is the child

who cradled a leaf

looked at the little stars

in utter disbelief

where is the child

who giggled at a tiny bug

who ran into arms

and gave a warm hug

is that the child

who bears arms now

with a conflicted heart

breaks the vow

is that the child

who crushes flowers

when it could have been gently picked

for the one waiting for hours

to hold hands

and walk beside the calm waters


isn’t that all that really matters…

One thought on “all that really matters

  1. A beautiful uplifting piece, Sobhana. 🧡 Love the photo. Being me and seeing the news every day, I can’t help but wonder where humanity is headed. I haven’t been keeping up with WP and I’ve cut back with instagram. With insta, at least getting out to do some bushwalking and taking photos of nature means I can escape from myself a little.

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