green tea makes me blue


the last time we met

it was a warm summer day

we sat across a table

was it april or may

we talked about the weather

politics and politicians

drank green tea

and talked more about music and musicians

we walked around the garden

with silence our loyal companion

making sense of the mixed emotions

another long-awaited reunion

we are like the stars are we not

seem close but are miles apart

amidst the formality was there a moment

where we wished it was not the time to depart

it was probably

just my own wishful thinking

one can cry

with no tears streaming

just around the corner

another summer

if we meet again

i promise i will be braver

i will look deep into your misty eyes

and remember all that we have been through

when you say tell me

i will whisper green tea makes me blue


Photo by Alisher Sharip on Unsplash

rewound world 12: transmutation

Another beautiful creation.

inconstant light

Previously on the rewound world: at a café in the Nullarbor Plain, four post-apocalyptic travelers were transmuted into two, Autónomo and Primaverity, by the insignificantly bearded waiter. The first episode is here.

We bid the waiter farewell, thanked him
out of misguided courtesy, and he returned
our diary, responsibly accepted
by Autónomo.

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rewound world 11: mergers

Beautiful poetry and art for the weekend…

inconstant light

Previously on the rewound world: four post-apocalyptic travelers at a café in the Nullarbor Plain have had their inconvenient truths revealed by the moderately bearded waiter. Episode one is here.

No-one disagreed. With murmurings and sighs,
they accepted that which, in another world,
might have been denied with vigor, with examples
tailor-made to create a false impression.

The waiter was encouraged.

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rewound world 10: open the curtains of the past

Another beautiful addition to Rewound World, kudos Steve!

inconstant light


Previously on the Rewound World: four travelers searching for a luminous future beyond the apocalypse were dawdling in a café with very little to offer when the bearded waiter announced that he knew all their secrets. The first episode is here.

The waiter tore off his imitation beard
with flair, uncovering a more modest
beard beneath.

Much more will be revealed, he declared.

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let go



i slowly see the changing world

a new norm

where there was calm

a silent storm

the winter whispers

to the sleepy sun

it is time

and time waits for no one

i wake up and dance

to the melody of the rain

washing away

stains of pain

i breathe deeply

embrace the peace in the morning air

let go

as the autumn leaves fall on my hair


Photo by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver on Unsplash

stand still




i stood still

as the dew drop fell

on a blade of grass

that had a lot to tell

about the night before

when it felt so low

a sense of despair

no sense of where to go

about the morning

when the first ray of light

came gently

turning darkness to light

let us stand still

hear our breath

i am grateful for this different kind of love

from the other side of the earth


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash