Growing up in a small village in the Southern Indian state of Kerala, I had many staycations as a child and enjoyed them. The days involved going from my village to Palakkad town with my family, eating at a Chinese restaurant (Chop Suey was our favourite order), watching a movie in the theatre (with pop corn), buying treats from a local bakery and heading back home before sunset.

This festive season, I had a staycation. I stayed home (in Vancouver) with my elderly mother. To celebrate Christmas and the new year, we went out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant (we ordered Chop Suey), watched a movie in the theatre (with popcorn :-), bought treats and came back home. In the midst of watching Pitch Perfect 3, my mother shared she really liked Rebel Wilson. So did I!

The gift of time, is the best gift to give, the best gift to receive.