killing me softly



i beg you

to understand

you need to bloom

not just stand

i can warm you up with my hairdryer

or hold my polka dot umbrella over you

sorry I know I am being selfish

forgot to ask how do you do?

it is spring

time for flowers to blossom

i think if you open up

you will look more than awesome

i am on my knees now

can you hear me croon?

sinatra version of killing me softly

dear tulip i beg you please bloom



Photo: Sobhana JM









to get to the true story

i tend to look at people in the eye

drown in their narratives

laugh with them and sometimes sigh

hear them out

with curiosity to know

how life has unfolded

where they really want to go

listening to my fellow humans

clarifies my own story

changes my perspectives

my path to glory

i tend to think

kindness rocks

life too short

to not make time for moonlit walks

you will get the true story

if you look me in the eye

drown in my words

your feelings why hide?


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my favourite kind of conversation is one

where two are silent and connected

not the kind where two are together

unhappy and disconnected

my favourite kind of conversation is one

where we can stretch our legs across a comfy chair

listen to bocelli reading poetry

then share

what’s on our mind

with no fear of judgement, no strife

just a meaningful conversation

about life