killing me softly



i beg you

to understand

you need to bloom

not just stand

i can warm you up with my hairdryer

or hold my polka dot umbrella over you

sorry I know I am being selfish

forgot to ask how do you do?

it is spring

time for flowers to blossom

i think if you open up

you will look more than awesome

i am on my knees now

can you hear me croon?

sinatra version of killing me softly

dear tulip i beg you please bloom



Photo: Sobhana JM





a date with an elephant



time to take elephants for a walk

down by the river

pick a cozy green spot

and bring out the silver

for elephants love to dine

in great style

why do we thank the earth

only once in a while?

so much beauty

so much pain

we take so much

when there’s so little to gain

time to gaze

into my elephant’s eyes

play on the grass

sleep under the skies

one life to live

one earth to adore

a date with an elephant

i ask no more


ps: happy earth day






















ice wine on the moon



and one day soon

i will go to the moon

take a quick break

one  wednesday noon

between meetings

writing two-page briefing notes

i will pay with bitcoin

for my ride and root beer floats

in a faraway place

where the standard time is gmt+10

a stranger lives (alone?)

my angst he seems to understand

together we may go to the moon

with ripped jeans and purple bandanas

have a picnic lunch

with ice wine and mini bananas

talk about ways to get around

with compass cards

from 1100 chestnut st

watch the summer stars

and then to darling harbour

we will fly away

have cake and coffee at soul origin

one stormy day

reflect on maya and the sorrow of androids

laugh about collecting dreams and getting through life

i will get the blueberry jam and brie

you get the sparkling champagne and ceramic knife

together for the first time

we will have dinner

until dawn talking about spirals paired

there’s no saint and sinner

will you reach out

never…or soon?

a break with me perhaps

one wednesday noon?












coffee, ​please



clay mugs

cold shrugs

many miles

no friendly smiles

muddy stairs

nobody cares

for the man with no six-pack

or a shirt on his bruised back

just colorless tears tricking down his white cheeks

people rush from the sky train onto the streets

our eyes meet

hearts beat

i give a cup of coffee

a plain croissant with no toffee

he bites his snack and his trembling lips

takes a few sips

as i walk away

done with the kind deed for the day

he sits on the cold concrete floor with young aching bones 

remembering the years when he laughed and played eating blue ice cones

i sip my assam tea and eat my toast as sunday morning rolls in

i hope he was warm last night and gets to sleep in

and when he wakes up soon

brunch will be served for him at noon

multigrain bagel with avocado and whipped cream cheese

a cup of hot coffee and a gentle afternoon breeze

for none of us is without honour

everyone deserves to have someone in their corner

The longest night




same voice

same noise

no sense

no repentance


without enlightenment

at the door

wanting more

breathe in breathe out

don’t let the demons out

this is a test

just let is rest

the longest night

the toughest fight

all have an end

don’t break just bend

truth can hurt

there’s beauty in dirt

forget and forgive

one life to live



Photo credit: Pexels

i miss


i miss the crimson indian skies

the warm summer breeze

the colorful crowds

the way we talked with ease

i miss standing by the green river

watching gray elephants congregate

red thunder lilies in your garden

white jasmine flowers on your golden gate

i miss the morning temple sounds

mangoes and tender coconuts

cuckoos and koels

something somewhere hurts

i miss the dark loud monsoons

scorching white heat

walking to your home

red kolhapuri sandals on my tired feet

i miss the ivory tea lights 

bocelli singing for us

our midnight conversations

on life and running away from happiness


Photo Credit: Pink Pangea (Kerala, India).


head phones

smart phones

our lives

separate in quiet zones

no need to listen

no need to talk

perfectly fine

to simply get up and walk

busy lives

bills to pay

hard to notice

when someone walks away

until when the sun sets

and the white blanket

covers the lawn

like a casket

looking out into the sky

one sees the astral flake

drifting down with dreams

for those soon to wake

start another day

make another choice

to listen or not

to another human’s voice

sacred bones

precious stones

our lives connected

by different tones

do we care enough

to be there for each other

are we brave

to be together


Photo credit: Frank Herrera Photography, Creative Commons.




no magic

nothing to conjure

pain follows

any intent to injure

yet we do

over and over again

look away

after causing pain

wake up

talk about coffee and toast

remain suspicious

make plans for valentine’s dinner with duck roast


all magic

so much to conjure

pain follows not

when there is no intent to injure

when we choose to love

over and over again

never look away

after causing pain

it is beautiful to wake up

talk about coffee and toast

have the courage to love again

celebrate valentine’s on the west coast

making time

to play on the beach

follow butterflies

out of reach

look up at the black night sky

to catch a glimpse of falling white snowflakes

always making time for a loved one

dark hot chocolate and mini cupcakes

to pause

to smile

to reach out

for your valentine always go the extra mile