to get to the true story

i tend to look at people in the eye

drown in their narratives

laugh with them and sometimes sigh

hear them out

with curiosity to know

how life has unfolded

where they really want to go

listening to my fellow humans

clarifies my own story

changes my perspectives

my path to glory

i tend to think

kindness rocks

life too short

to not make time for moonlit walks

you will get the true story

if you look me in the eye

drown in my words

your feelings why hide?


Photo credit: http://www.holmeslibrary.org/blog/event/summer-craft-night-2/kindness-rock/















one word

two meanings

one thought

many feelings

simple message


caring query


look out

for the job of a conveyor

to help people

just understand the other

mother and son

father and daughter

why does one say no

to a life of love and laughter

run from oneself

and the other

choose to be a cruel stranger

when one could be a gentle lover

one word

two meanings

one thought

many feelings





The Smallest Act of Kindness

I love the words of His Highness the Dalai Lama, “There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness”. I have been following the World Economic Forum at Davos that brought world leaders, celebrities, media experts and others together to talk about serious issues that fracture our society and somehow prevent humanity from collectively experiencing life in a positive way. I was quite fascinated by Shah Rukh Khan’s interview. It got me thinking about how different people go about choosing a cause and making a difference. In SRK’s case – he shares he decided to work with acid attack victims in India (majority are women) and started the Meer Foundation to help make a difference, a real difference. At the end of the day, there are so many wicked social problems. The longer it takes to address them, another generation gets adversely impacted. Imagine a world, where each of us strive to reach out, be kind and make a positive difference, with what we have, now. As Oscar Wilde said, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”. 

Photo credit: Kindness Clipart


papa said speak up

mama said stand tall

growing up i realized

candid is not for all

when someone asks how are you

they often expect i am fine

i may be fine or miserable

but nevermind

connected to technology

tracking likes and stories of notoriety

who has the time

to heal our lonely society

to turn and say hello

to the one standing right beside us

to figure out how crypto

can buy happiness

i tell my children look them in the eye

speak up and stand tall

growing up hope they realize

candid is not for all







Loner’s eyes

when life is static

i tend to cast blame

on all but me

to ignore the pain

one must undergo

to transform

to rise from the ashes

cease to be forlorn

hit rock bottom

see oneself in the mirror

be free of

self-inflicted terror

walk alone

see through the blindfold

be compassionate

amidst the heartless fold

keep reaching out

when no one tries

look beyond

the distance in the loner’s eyes






Thanking a python

the chickens were missing

they could not be found

we wondered whether

they were eaten by a hound

my daddy asked me not to worry

my mummy asked me to go to sleep

in the morning

i was like little bo-peep

into the dark shed

i decided to go

in the corner

i saw two beads glow

i ran to tell my tale

wanting the brilliant beads i had seen

my mummy turned pale

knowing what could have been

into a big sack

went the green and black python

tired and slow

after the chicken eating marathon

oh my gosh

it could have been little me

i am alive

fifty summers old and free


note: when i was four my chickens got eaten by a python in malaysia…i went looking for them and saw two shining beads in my backyard shed…soon the phython was captured and taken away…46 years later, i can remember that morning vividly…
















to be

or not to be forlorn

has been the question

all along

when things go wrong

life stands still

one can always

bring out the strong will


to make the choice

not to be forlorn

to celebrate life

bravely move on

replace fear with love

be willing to unlearn

have a purposeful journey

like the Arctic tern







Growing up in a small village in the Southern Indian state of Kerala, I had many staycations as a child and enjoyed them. The days involved going from my village to Palakkad town with my family, eating at a Chinese restaurant (Chop Suey was our favourite order), watching a movie in the theatre (with pop corn), buying treats from a local bakery and heading back home before sunset.

This festive season, I had a staycation. I stayed home (in Vancouver) with my elderly mother. To celebrate Christmas and the new year, we went out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant (we ordered Chop Suey), watched a movie in the theatre (with popcorn :-), bought treats and came back home. In the midst of watching Pitch Perfect 3, my mother shared she really liked Rebel Wilson. So did I!

The gift of time, is the best gift to give, the best gift to receive.


my favourite kind of conversation is one

where two are silent and connected

not the kind where two are together

unhappy and disconnected

my favourite kind of conversation is one

where we can stretch our legs across a comfy chair

listen to bocelli reading poetry

then share

what’s on our mind

with no fear of judgement, no strife

just a meaningful conversation

about life