coffee, ​please



clay mugs

cold shrugs

many miles

no friendly smiles

muddy stairs

nobody cares

for the man with no six-pack

or a shirt on his bruised back

just colorless tears tricking down his white cheeks

people rush from the sky train onto the streets

our eyes meet

hearts beat

i give a cup of coffee

a plain croissant with no toffee

he bites his snack and his trembling lips

takes a few sips

as i walk away

done with the kind deed for the day

he sits on the cold concrete floor with young aching bones 

remembering the years when he laughed and played eating blue ice cones

i sip my assam tea and eat my toast as sunday morning rolls in

i hope he was warm last night and gets to sleep in

and when he wakes up soon

brunch will be served for him at noon

multigrain bagel with avocado and whipped cream cheese

a cup of hot coffee and a gentle afternoon breeze

for none of us is without honour

everyone deserves to have someone in their corner



soap-bubbles-412420__480.jpgthey say love is in the air

and betrayal?

the kind that does not hide

but stands right beside

the one who holds you

takes time to know you

wipes away your unseen tears

uproots your unknown fears

sheds tear after tear when yours refuse to fall

hear your silent call

year after year day and night

ready to be with you fight your fight

they say love is in the air

and betrayal?

i know it does not have the heavenly fragrance of a winter night

where warm apple cider warms our hearts and makes us blissfully light

nor does it have the exotic fragrance of a dark summer night

when white jasmine flowers blossom among vines entangling in a playful fight

i tell you betrayal is like a blanket that wraps you up when you are warm

and slides away when you are cold and in the way of harm

hear me when i say it stands with you when you are being embraced

and walks away when you are left alone cleaning up the dusty statue of the disgraced

when love is in the air

i say dare to dream again and dare to care

hug your angst real tight one last time and then forever let it go

for life is more than maya and much more than you and i will ever know


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The longest night




same voice

same noise

no sense

no repentance


without enlightenment

at the door

wanting more

breathe in breathe out

don’t let the demons out

this is a test

just let is rest

the longest night

the toughest fight

all have an end

don’t break just bend

truth can hurt

there’s beauty in dirt

forget and forgive

one life to live



Photo credit: Pexels






i will make a batch of apple cinnamon shortbread

the kind that will melt in my mouth

without resistance

as the oven warms up

i will watch my neighbors walk their dogs on leash

couples with jackets of the same color walking together

accompanied by the music of their inner resistance

i will place the shortbread

on my favorite blue square cookie plate

with dark brown borders

beside my huge maroon tea cup


they make a lovely pair


good together

the shortbread melts in my mouth

without resistance i

give myself to the moment

the cinnamon warms my heart


Photo credit: Suju, Creative Commons, Pixabay




it will be sunday soon

time to sit under the silver moon

think about the time

when daddy taught me a rhyme

when mummy tied my pony tail

and i waited for letters in the mail

it will be sunday soon

i will enjoy the hot afternoon

think about the times

when i choose to have a life of dignity and few dimes

watch sparrows chase each other across my yard

remember there is much beauty even in a life scarred

it will be sunday soon

can’t wait to dream under the silver moon



Picture credit: Pixabay