you blessed me with freedom

you always made the time

to teach me a million things

and on dark days remind me life will be fine

you woke up early

to send me to school

you stayed up late

to make my costumes cool

over the years

you showed me what kindness means

you gave me the courage to face life

when it is not what it seems

you taught me more than how to kill snakes and climb trees

you asked me to always forge forward and never look behind

you made me believe in me

you taught me being strong is being kind

not a day goes by when my heart does not ache

remembering our time together…remembering you

thank you for being a great father

i will always miss you

feeling good



and then

she buys a little home

has learned to do so much

on her own


there are good days and bad days

to be happy

so many ways

and when life makes no sense

at the next turn

an important lesson

to learn

like moving on

and letting go


what life has in store

and then

she stands on her balcony

watching the evening sun

feeling good on her birthday

about all the years to come


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

where did the years go?



where did the years go

my little ones

if only we could go back in time

just once

when i looked into your eyes

and you played with my strands

when i touched your little fingers

and you grabbed my hands

when i kissed your cheeks

and you made many a baby sound

when over the years

we made many trips to the lost and found

when we played on the grass

and combed the beach for shells

when we threw pennies

into wishing wells

when we watched the fire glow

on a winter night

when we caught shadows

in candlelight

when we watched cartoons

and screamed at creatures imaginary

when you hugged me

and asked for another story

when we said i love you

over and over again

when we watched butterflies

and rainbows after the rain

and today…you drove me in your yellow car

got me my favourite ice cream cone and flowers

i count my many blessings

and happy hours



PS: Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

in a faraway place



like petals

softly falling to the ground

you walk into my dream

make no sound

i look into your eyes

full of feeling

i look into the mirror 

deep with meaning

you smile

walk away

i wake up 

to another day 

in a faraway place

where there is no you

strangers ask

how do you do

i say

i am fine

i think 

i left my heart behind



Photo by Sobhana JM

summer rain


the fragrance of tulsi 

overpowers these senses of mine

i close my eyes

slow time

the warm summer rain

kisses my face

as i stare at the gray and crimson skies

in a dizzy daze

i close my eyes

i hear the thunder

i open my eyes

where you are i wonder

i am here

ready to play 

the hide and seek game

your special way

catch a glimpse

of your pensive suntanned face

nothing is revealed

in your gaze

the cold mango nectar with a dash of cardamon

warms my heart and quenches my summer thirst

with you by my side

i never feel accursed

never together by choice

best to accept it is time to leave

time to say good-bye and carry on with our lives

be brave never deceive

regret not

the choices of yesterday

until next time stay well my friend

may peace be yours each day