may i always remember




twenty six alphabets in a foreign tongue

can’t convey what’s on my mind

a brother murdered

a partner and sweet child left behind

why does empathy and love

get snuffed out by hate and tyranny

why does the beauty of difference

scare so many

precious life the gift of breath

may i always remember to be kind

twenty six alphabets in a foreign tongue

can’t convey what’s on my mind


Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

motes in the rain



when you stand on firm ground

remember water flows beneath you

when this and that mix

you get beautiful blue

when you lovingly feed someone

remember you may get hurt

the kind and cruel 

are nurtured by earth

i think i know

why the wise ones say

nothing stays the same 

tomorrow and today

senseless violence

searing pain

everything will be washed away

like golden motes in the grey rain


Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash

green tea makes me blue


the last time we met

it was a warm summer day

we sat across a table

was it april or may

we talked about the weather

politics and politicians

drank green tea

and talked more about music and musicians

we walked around the garden

with silence our loyal companion

making sense of the mixed emotions

another long-awaited reunion

we are like the stars are we not

seem close but are miles apart

amidst the formality was there a moment

where we wished it was not the time to depart

it was probably

just my own wishful thinking

one can cry

with no tears streaming

just around the corner

another summer

if we meet again

i promise i will be braver

i will look deep into your misty eyes

and remember all that we have been through

when you say tell me

i will whisper green tea makes me blue


Photo by Alisher Sharip on Unsplash