dancing fire


the autumn leaves fall

like dancing fire from blue skies

waters begin to freeze

mountains don’t ask why

for when you wait for long

deep down you know

some things take a very long time

we prove we love by sometimes letting go


the buttercups have gone to sleep

the silver sun floats amidst gray skies

yes there is a life

with no lies

where we drift

from one continent to another

rediscovering life again



as time ticks

and life goes by

may we be as brave as

monarch butterflies

find beauty in laugh lines

and fearless silver strands

gaze at the beautiful heavens

wait for the dancing fire to fall into our hands


Photo by Stephen Ellis on Unsplash

beautiful mystery



every drop of water that rests

and decides to fall

has a lesson

to teach us all

that beginning

often follow an end

the life full of serendipities

stranger becomes friend

reads between the lines

remains silent

calms angst

shifts the gaze from the violence


the drop of water eventually falls

upon the thirsty earth breaking apart

always believe and never give up

i whisper to my heart

some beginnings

don’t seem to have a start

they simply exist

somewhere deep within the heart

free and fearless

devoid of judgement and scrutiny

until end of eternity

a beautiful mystery

awesome fuss



close my eyes over and over again

hoping to see your shadow 

grateful for life’s twists and turns

and every unborn tomorrow

the calm seas have angst

the angry mountains burn

the skies shed smoke filled tears

what is the lesson to learn?

water ravages the rice fields

the drought will end 

i am learning once again

sometimes a stranger is god sent

our paths are yet to cross

yet in my head so much awesome fuss

don’t know why I feel 

the way your place of meditation does

Fifty words in a story- Now



Imagine waking up one day in the far away future and looking back at life…what would matter most? Family, friends, careers, bank balance, memories, how people made us feel, lying on the green grass and staring at the blue skies? Whatever it is…make time for it, now. NOW.

sweet silence



black and white

in the grey life’s alright

try not to spin my wheels and run

close my eyes under the sun

reject magic potions

worthless lotions

anything to hide

who we are on the inside

can we gaze at dragon flies crossing lands

cheer little children screaming in rock bands

whisper to wild orchids trapped in fancy pots

dare to feel like touch-me-nots

for you and i are kindred spirits who know hunger

betrayal, agony and anger

we can find stars scattered among black skies

truth amidst white lies

learn to dance again

feel warm dancing under the cold rain

listen to our sweet silence

bridge the distance

watch the sun set on the same side

rise bravely with nothing to hide

black and white

in the grey life’s alright