rainy reminiscence


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the earth shakes

and intense rain falls

beautiful whales are no more

while ribbons are cut to open new malls

misty eyes

isolation everywhere

so much ignorance and fear

people scared to say they care

for the one who is different

comes from another place

part of humanity

coded as another race

small children play

in a big park

babies wake up

to the song of the lark

the man sees the macaroons

remembers that his wife once loved them

his eyes say the story

In his heart he still holds her memory like a precious gem

i walk

for a very long time

indulge in reminiscence

think about this life of mine

i close my eyes grateful for the day

in my dream the night sky gifts me a snowflake

the rain stops to fall

the earth stops to shake


Photo by Brendan Humphreys from Pexels

when i am bold


the loud noises make me quiet
i choose to hear
just your breathing
when you are anywhere but near
what’s a continent
or two
cherry blossoms grow
for me and you
in lands
far from their home
i can’t wait
to simply roam
indulge in learning
decipher strife
search for the many versions of truth
love and life
in your silence
i hear ancient stories untold
i will reach out one day
when i am bold
i close my eyes
taste the jasmine tea
dare to think about you
and me




stuffed brown bears with red bows

begin to fill the brightly lit shopping aisles

another festive season comes along

listening to christmas music we wonder how time flies

the wish lists

slowly appear

simple gift ideas

quickly disappear

my wish list is ready

with what i desire most in this this heart of mine

one gift is all I need this festive season

the precious gift of time


Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on Unsplash







i go back

in time

wrap myself

in warm memories of a life time

see clay lamps

burning bright

during the

festival of light

night glows

sparkles everywhere

little gifts and big hugs

for the one you care

streets full of happy people

looking for presents

another cup of kheer

no one resents

time to light clay lamps

erase all fear

time to celebrate

it is that time of the year


happy diwali…happy deepavali…


Photo: msvitriphotos

Sunday and always



many are busy this weekend

asking people to get out and vote

i am busy checking for survival gifts

i need to find how to donate a goat

while some choose to sleep in

on voting day

somewhere in the world

people are killed for trying to have their say

not entirely sure

how we got to so many factions

in our most intimate moments

so many distractions

in the midst

of senseless noise

i can’t sometimes hear

my own child’s voice

i  slowly sip my cardamon chai

close my eyes and bite into my avocado toast

realize that on this sunday and always

meeting you is what i want the most


Photo by The HK Photo Company on Unsplash


…read about the night that still fall like fish…

inconstant light

the night falls like fish

The wind drops violins, my ducks are misaligned,
and the day that you created is winding up
and winding down.
I’ve spread the margarine of time
across the bread and crossed it out.

I need no answers, Alícia,
to questions no-one asked.
Cakely words by Sara Lee
are baking in the oven
and I don’t know who’s to blame.

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