let’s be brave and stumble



be still


one day you will

untangle the knots 

in your sleep

as you let go

and go deep

into the hidden corners

of your mind

hoping and wanting

to find

the words and unforgotten images

that will help you fill the blanks

across continents let’s be brave

and stumble into a slow dance?



Photo credit: Pixabay

Golden mote



white seas high above

blue seas down below

thunderstorms tear clouds apart

the warm breeze calms the angst in my heart

i close my eyes

take a deep breath 

in the darkness

i remember your kindness

i open my eyes

and look below

the white seas calmly look at me

i take a moment to be me

the sunshine touches my cheeks

the metal bird soars high

i remember the joy of reading your first note

will never know why my heart danced like a golden mote