a flower for you



a short note conveyed the news

she is no more

i loved her from the time i was a child

can’t understand why she had to go

her kind beautiful eyes

melted pain

gave so much away

no thought of gain

her laughter

like innocent playful rain

no deception

in a world insane

her gentle kisses

for her chosen son

her hugs

bolder than the summer sun

how do you know

angels look upon you from above

how do you remember someone

who lived to love


Note: Dedicated to Hema Aunty, R.I.P.

As long as there are flowers, you will live in many hearts.

Photo by Khanh Le from Pexels


5 thoughts on “a flower for you

  1. Hi.. While reading ur post, I was feeling that those were just a reflection of my thoughts. And i am pretty sure there a lot more who would feel the same. Hemaunty.. She is an inspiration.. A life.. For people around her. She will live in our hearts forever


  2. Yes when you see a flower you do think only of Hema Aunty whom I admired so much, her sense of humour and her lovely words to describe my cards with pressed and preserved natural flowers. You will be always missed Aunty.


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