sweet silence



black and white

in the grey life’s alright

try not to spin my wheels and run

close my eyes under the sun

reject magic potions

worthless lotions

anything to hide

who we are on the inside

can we gaze at dragon flies crossing lands

cheer little children screaming in rock bands

whisper to wild orchids trapped in fancy pots

dare to feel like touch-me-nots

for you and i are kindred spirits who know hunger

betrayal, agony and anger

we can find stars scattered among black skies

truth amidst white lies

learn to dance again

feel warm dancing under the cold rain

listen to our sweet silence

bridge the distance

watch the sun set on the same side

rise bravely with nothing to hide

black and white

in the grey life’s alright


let’s be brave and stumble



be still


one day you will

untangle the knots 

in your sleep

as you let go

and go deep

into the hidden corners

of your mind

hoping and wanting

to find

the words and unforgotten images

that will help you fill the blanks

across continents let’s be brave

and stumble into a slow dance?



Photo credit: Pixabay