all that really matters

Photo: Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan, British Columbia

where is the child

who cradled a leaf

looked at the little stars

in utter disbelief

where is the child

who giggled at a tiny bug

who ran into arms

and gave a warm hug

is that the child

who bears arms now

with a conflicted heart

breaks the vow

is that the child

who crushes flowers

when it could have been gently picked

for the one waiting for hours

to hold hands

and walk beside the calm waters


isn’t that all that really matters…

in our silence

Photo: Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan Location: Kerala, India

did my tears

fall gently enough on your eyes

when you saw your reflection in mine

why the sighs

can we find

a way to stay without leaving

in our silence

perhaps an escape from feeling

can we listen

to a different song

one that is soft

and the sax plays forever long

until the sun rises

from the sleepy ocean blue

and you try not to say

but i do love you

…and just be

Photo by Yiqun Tang on Unsplash

can your deepest thoughts

of me

and my deepest thoughts of you

meet and get lost in the deep black sea

or maybe somewhere

in the purple midnight sky

amidst the moon kissed ivory clouds

let go and like children cry

away from our harsh realities

scaling walls carefully cemented with gray pain

never asking 

why the golden desert desires the elusive blue rain

or why the monsoon sheds colorless tears

as it kisses the lonely green river bed

is our love like the lost and found

a starved after thought craving to be fed

can my deepest thoughts of you

and your deepest thoughts of me

connect for a few moments

hold each other’s crimson heavy heart and just be

i will wait

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

don’t need the monsoon

one little dew drop

one more moment to drown in your eyes

have my heart stop

be calm

like a stream on a summer day

be brave

accept all that we choose not to say

behind the walls

there’s deep pain

where there is drought

there’s hope for blue rain

did i mention i will wait a lifetime

to see us again

read the lines you will write with your eyes

as the night melts away our pain

this too shall pass

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

when you are scared

may you never be alone

this difficult time

may it be just a sojourn

when you are cold

may you always find some place warm

the one who loves you

always shelter you from harm

when you are lonely

may you always find a friend

your beloved

love you to the very end

when you fall and almost give up

may you choose to stand tall

and always remember…

this too shall pass for us all

blue rain

there is a place

in me

where time stands still

where i breathe pure stillness and feel free

eyes closed

i clearly see

in all the world

the one place to be

the face of the only one

with whom my life is complete

the one who understands my language of silence

never a need to repeat

i go there

time and time again

to that special place of stillness

where my parched heart is touched by the gentle blue rain

Photo by natsuki on Unsplash


may we find

that silent place in our mind

as we leave

another year behind

may we find

freedom in our life

while connected

navigating strife

may we find love

a different kind of love

one that makes us feel truly alive

beautiful like the stars above

and may we find peace

that bridges our differences and brings us together

life is so precious

may i remember to make every moment matter


Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

believe in us

Photo by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash


or leave

take the easy path

or believe

after angst

there can be magic

not a sin

to sometimes abandon logic

the night patiently waits

for the stars

the spring is wise to know

winter will pass

the mighty mountains

embrace the warm sun on its cold chest

i hear you whisper

let us meet and figure out the rest

let life unfold

one beautiful chapter after chapter

believe in us

in a forever and after



i am happy to be a barroco

for when i am with you

you always perfect me

to my life add another hue

each scar has its home now

no need to hide

for you look beyond my skin

to the unseen beauty inside

this is what it must feel like

to keep running from me

find me in you

finally be free