stand still




i stood still

as the dew drop fell

on a blade of grass

that had a lot to tell

about the night before

when it felt so low

a sense of despair

no sense of where to go

about the morning

when the first ray of light

came gently

turning darkness to light

let us stand still

hear our breath

i am grateful for this different kind of love

from the other side of the earth


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash




it is sunday

a day for blueberry

and crêpe and some whipped cream

a slow day with no worry

watch the graceful sparrows

tap dance

stare at the hues of the rainbow

that proudly enhance

deep blue skies

that let the clouds simply sink in

no questions asked

just believing

the sun that sets will rise

sweet freedom

is worth any price

for one can sleep

with no fear

wake up happy to

“crêpe, dear?”


Photo by Andressa Voltolini on Unsplash

purple mist


as the glaciers burned

and the rivers cried

in the purple mist

is it you who appeared

after walking many miles

you must have a story to tell

talking to the wind

drinking from the wishing well

come with me to the banks of the river

please look away

when i look into your eyes

and the sun sets today

another day

another dream

another lifetime

of not saying what we mean


Photo by Bjørn Tore Økland on Unsplash


Read this poem again today and loved it…so many beautiful lines…”but I know it was something she did to my eyes
to make them see.”

inconstant light


You humans are all alike, no time no time,
no time is beautiful, before birth and after life.

My pancakes are shallow thoughts
stacked in the kitchen,
she adds a little honey.

I’m late for work at the hardware store,
mostly robots looking for spare parts.
They’re not like her.

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the real in the dream




will the job be done

when the moon comes up

or the sun goes down

can’t fully comprehend

as i label


only some are able

one virtue

better than the other

winter harsher

than the cold summer

the white stars wait in the dark

to be understood and be seen

is the real

hidden in the dream

hold my hand

don’t stop me as i wipe your frown

when the moon comes up

and the sun goes down


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash